What are Mitch’s public safety focus and objectives for Hall County? Here’s his plan.

The issues below are just a few examples of the focus of Mitch’s campaign to strengthen, protect, and improve the Sheriff’s Office service to our community:

Better Partnerships

Better partnerships with local businesses and churches are needed. If they would like to partner with the Sheriff’s Office, then we would have our Training Division prepare a plan suitable to their needs. These plans could be on a spectrum from weather-related emergencies to an active-shooter scenario.

Gang Activity

The GBI estimates that gangs are responsible for an average of about half of the violent crime in communities. Led by the Sheriff’s Office, it has to be a joint effort by communities, by churches, by schools, by everyone else to make sure that young kids- 13, 14, 12 have other options than this one.

Gaps in Protection

Currently, short shifts and swing shifts leave large communities unprotected from police patrols. These communities are hiring off duty officers paid through HOA fees for better police patrols. Except in cases where communities want extra security for events and holidays, this is unacceptable.

Human Trafficking

Governor Kemp has been very vocal on his fight against human trafficking, and we will also focus our efforts on this issue. Atlanta has been identified as a major transportation hub for trafficking young girls, and we must educate our children and parents on how easy these predators can contact our children on social media, Craigslist, dating sites, etc. Educating the community, parents, and schools is very important to fight this problem together.


We should be strengthening our community policing in residential areas. Officers should be present at neighborhood HOA and community meetings to share additional information and insight.

School PTO Meetings

Officers should be actively involved with parents who have children in elementary schools. It will provide increased awareness to dangers that children will be potentially exposed to and how they can deal with them.

Senior Citizens

Hall county has become a very popular location for retirement and retirement communities. The Sheriff’s Office must be active inside these communities to educate and protect our seniors from fraud and scams. These citizens are targeted the most because of their vulnerability.


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